Super Bowl Commercial Roundup

by Heather on February 6, 2012

For Super Bowl 46, I wasn’t really interested in either team. What I was interested in were the commercials and the integration of social media into the game.

One of my favorite parts about the game was the Coke Polar Bears who were watching the game at It got off to a shaky start as there seemed to be some server issues, but it was more interesting than the game at some points for me. I’m going to write a blog just about the polar bears because there were a lot of things I loved about them.

The commercials are always a big part of the Super Bowl. Sometimes this is referred to as Brand Bowl or Ad Bowl. There were some groups of people watching the Super Bowl just for the ads. Some were great. Some were funny and there were a couple that were just not good at all. Below are some of the highlights and some of the low points in my opinion.

First the high points.

Nice touch by Bud Light to include a link to get more information about rescuing dogs.

Now the low points.

I am not sure what needing to pee has to do with tax preparation.

I found this commercial kind of creepy and weird.

And finally, GoDaddy. Their commercials are usually just based on the premise of sex sells. But this one, was not good because of the inclusion of a QR code. QR codes can be useful, but not on TV. No one is going to get their phone, look for the barcode scanner app and then try and capture this code. I have no idea what the QR code even pointed to because I didn’t look. I’m assuming it was something about the Pussycat Dolls since they’re mentioned at the end. Bad move GoDaddy.

For a full list of all the commercials last night, Mashable has a feature.

What were your favorite commercials of the night?


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