The Coke Polar Bears and the Super Bowl

by Heather on February 6, 2012

For me, the thing about the Super Bowl that I was anticipating most were the Coke Polar Bears. I mentioned this in an earlier blog and how it was one of the things to watch out for during the game.

At first, it was little boring. The polar bears were just hanging out on their sofa and moving around a little, but not doing anything particularly interesting. I kept my second screen up and kept up with them as the game progressed and it ended up being more interesting than the game for me. Overall, I think Coke did a great job. Below are some screen captures I took with my comments.


During a Pepsi commercial, the Polar Bears feigned sleep. During the Elton John Pepsi commercial, the bears just got up and walked away (perhaps to get another Coke?).


Throughout the game, the bears were tweeting. One was @NY_Bear and the other one was @NE_Bear. I thought this was a nice touch.


People were tweeting the Polar Bears and the bears were in turn showing the rest of us random pictures people were sending to them as well as what people were tweeting them. I though this was a great touch as it helped with interaction and engagement.



During the halftime show with Madonna, the bears offered a little more.


During “Vogue”, the bears and some of their penguin friends decided to join Madonna and Vogue too.


The polar bears also got involved with the game. They’d cheer when something good happened for their team, shake their heads when something bad happened and sometimes, they’d go all out with props to cheer on the defense.

And sometimes, the Polar Bears weren’t even around. Sometimes, you’d see just their icy couch or you’d see their penguin friends make an appearance.


Did you keep up with the Coke Polar Bears? What were some of your favorite moments?


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